• Sept. 1986 to Sept. 1987: Worked with K.T Ravindran, Architect, Urban Designer at New Delhi. Apart from private residences, worked as team leader on a riverside conservation project “Revitalisation of Mathura Ghats” (An INTACH Project) worked on urban design proposal for redesign of Boat Jetty area in Kavaratti Island and design of college campus at Kadmat island for Union Territory of Lakshadweep.
  • Sept 1985 to Aug 1986: Worked with Shilpa Sindoor & Arni + Kanade
    Architects at Bangalore. Worked on housing project for Air Force Naval Housing Board. Worked on design of industrial structure of Tungsten
    and Molybdenum plant for Mysore Lamps Ltd. at Mysore. Designed
    interiors for Nalapak Restaurant at Mysore.
  • July / Aug 1985: Participated as Architect member in multi
    disciplinary training programme in ‘Pre-cast building components,
    Production & erection techniques sponsored by Hyderabad Urban
    Development Authority, Hyderabad.
  • March 1984 to Sept 1984: Worked with K. Jaisim, Architect, Bangalore
    on design of multi-storied hospital building for H/s Bangalore
    Hospitals and sketch design for a hill hotel resort.
  • Dec ‘1983 to Feb 1984 Participated in the “Vijayanagara Project” led
    by Dr.George Michell & Dr. John Fritz at Hampi as a architect intern
    is the mapping and measure drawing of Hampi ancient architecture.
  • Date of Birth : February 3, 1961
  • Mother tongue: Tamil .Interests cover travel, photography, writing,
    teaching, playing tennis, philosophy.
  • Married, with one daughter and son. Spouse is an author, musician,
    creative writer and teacher.