The practice of SHANKAR NARAYAN ARCHITECTS was started
in the 1988 by G.Shankar Narayan as an individual
architect taking up residential projects. Right from
then the practice is known for their innovative
design, cost effective techniques of construction, professionalism and financial integrity. Over the
years these values have not changed, but we have grown
into one of the most recognized and respected
architectural practices in Hyderabad. Today we handle projects varying from campus designs, institutional, industrial and corporate interiors right down to
individual residences. Our range of work and clientele
is from the city’s main Railway station to an Animal shelter for a small voluntary organization. We have deliberately resisted specialization in any one genre of buildings, because, as architects we feel it is our mandate to deal with human shelter in the largest sense of the term. We relish innovation in material use and structures and fashion our designs after thinking deeply about the profile and psyche of the user. We shun gimmicky designs and rely on the fundamentals of scale, proportion, light and honest use of materials to create spaces and forms
in which Man feels an eternal sense of belonging.
Free flow of thought, green and brown are like a colour  of the tree and all that a tree means like shelter, growth and resources.